• Honesty, Respect, Passion & Hard Work.


To find, acquire, and lead a single, outstanding business.

A Message to Business Owners:

I am an entrepreneur looking to acquire and lead a successful company whose owner is motivated to sell it to someone who will build on that success, continue to grow the company, its customers, its employees and its markets. I hope to bring my own business experience and that of my investors to bear on that task, but I also want to understand thoroughly how the company has achieved its current success, as that will be a very important part of charting its future direction. If you have built such a company, I know how much you care about its future, and that of the people who have helped you create it. I am confident, with your help and the counsel of others who will be supporting me, that I will be a good steward for your company during the next phase of its development. I will be devoting 100% of my time and energy to this enterprise and have enough committed capital to get a deal done quickly. If you have any interest in pursuing what I’ve described, I’d very much like to make your acquaintance and talk with you about your company and your plans.


Al Sullivan
Managing Partner